To become World ART Associates Partner          

  A large worldwide audience
differents targets options

                           Global sites traffic                           
+ 180 000 clicks a month
in august 2010

                              Direct contacts                            
through various network profiles
+ 30 000 personnes
with an estimated 10 % VIP or Golden VIP audience

                      Network Forums power                     
+ 35 000 personnes
with an estimated 5 % VIP or Golden VIP

                                Various files                              
+ 25 000 reachable personnes by mail or SMS

World ART Associates can

change and redesign your PR
boost your audience on social networks
invite your company in win-win communication strategy
offer you to become partner in interesting luxury & art events
help your company to design his products or services with arty touch


You ?

We enjoy
a clear win-win partnership project establishing
what's you except for us ?
what's you offer to us ?
(Clients, notority, advertising, products or service exchange,
partners, money, ...)

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                      Gilles Berthet                    

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